Volunteers Information - Avoid $300 Fee by Volunteering (Read carefully)



The Association is volunteer driven and to make the Association the best it can be for our kids we need our members to help out. You have two options to fulfill your volunteer commitment to SVHA:

Option 1)      Volunteer in an Association level position

Option 2)      Pay $300 at registration time to opt out of volunteering


Option 1 - Volunteer in an Association Level Position

  • There are many roles available for all kinds of skill sets, throughout various levels of the Association, including the team level that will count toward your volunteer commitment. Section 9 of the Members Handbook outlines these positions.
  • During registration give us 3 different options for how you would choose to volunteer, ranking them from 1st choice to 3rd.
  • If you do not volunteer when asked, you will be required to pay $300.00

Option 2 - Pay $300 Fee to NOT volunteer

  • We understand some people cannot volunteer and therefore you can opt out and just pay the $300 volunteer fee during registration.
  • When you register your player, you will be charged an additional $300 and you will not be asked to volunteer in an Association position. Payment of this fee doesn't preclude you from providing assistance to your individual team if needed, based on agreed upon team goals.




SVHA relies on our member's contributions. To ensure maximum participation and the success of the Association the SVHA Board of Directors has implemented a $300 volunteer bond.

The Board of Directors has approved a list of volunteer positions that will count towards the volunteer bond (please note Members Handbook section 9.0). For a position to be considered eligible toward the volunteer commitment it must impact the Association as a whole.

Please note that your additional participation specific to your child's individual team goals is still very important and of great value to the team, your player and the success of each individual team's season.

Below is a list of positions that are approved volunteer positions eligible to be assessed toward the $300 volunteer bond for the 2020-21 season.

Association/Administration Based Volunteers:

These volunteers will assist with the day-to-day operations of SVHA. These positions are:

  • Division Coordinators (DCs) - This is a season long position, and requires you to work with the board on Evaluations, Team Registration, Ice Distribution, and be the liaison for the parents for the Division
  • Division Coordinator Assistant – Assist the Division Coordinator with the process of Evaluations and throughout the season as needed.
  • Association Level Committee – Association Level Tournament Committee/Legacy tournament (multi-division tournament), etc
  • League Chairperson – You will work for Hockey Calgary as the main contact for a division within the Hockey Calgary system, citywide. You will be responsible for gathering data for a division within Hockey Calgary (ie: All games, suspensions), distributing information to all teams, Associations, within the designated division and additional duties as needed.

Evaluations Based Volunteers:

The SVHA Evaluation Committee requires members with hockey experience and/or knowledge to volunteer as an Evaluator in order to ensure the evaluation process is performed accurately and efficiently.

  • Evaluators - U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U18, U21 and Goalie – You will be called upon to evaluate the players in SVHA in September. Please only volunteer for this position if you have hockey experience and knowledge.
  • Evaluations Helpers – You will help the DC’s by setting up dressing rooms, ensuring that players are wearing correct numbers assist with opening the gate during evaluation games.
  • Evaluations – On Ice – You will run the evaluation drills and ensure all players are receiving an equal chance to show their skills.

Team Based Volunteers - ***UPDATED OCTOBER 2021***

While these positions are team specific their function is a direct representation of the Association and as such are the only team positions that will count toward the volunteer bond:


While these positions are team specific their function is a direct representation of the Association and as such are the only team positions that will count toward the volunteer fee:

  • Coaches
  • Manager – maximum 1 position per team
  • Treasurer – maximum 1 position per team
  • Jersey Parent – maximum 2 positions per team
  • Tournament Coordinator – maximum 1 position per team
  • Fundraising Coordinator – maximum 1 position per team
  • Scorekeepers/Timekeepers – maximum 4 positions per team
  • Health & Safety Coordinator – maximum 1 position per team