SVHA Restriction Exemption Plan

Hello SVHA Families:

Please see attached the SVHA Restriction Exemption Bulletin.  In line with the AB Government restrictions announced on Sept 15th, 2021, it has become necessary for SVHA to create a policy regarding the presentation of Vaccination Confirmation OR Letter of Exemption OR a Negative Covid Test to comply with what some of our facilities have implemented. The restrictions allow facilities and associations/groups the latitude to institute requirements for users of their services.  In order for us to continue on with the 2021-22 Hockey Season, we must fully comply with these new requirements. This is a very fluid situation and ever changing but we wanted to keep you informed as we work through the details of this announcement.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding as we navigate these unprecedented times and we will continue to send out more communication throughout the coming days as we receive more information.

Please note these Restriction Exemptions are being implemented by each respective arena, and not Hockey Calgary or Simons Valley Hockey Association.  Please use this link to read the SVHA Exception Plan  As the letter states, we are looking at all scenarios for the different facilities used by SVHA and are trying to determine the best way forward for providing proof of vaccination in a secure and confidential manner when required.  Please note that even though Vivo is opting out of the Restrictive Exemption Program, our players/coaches/team staff/parents/spectators will still need to be fully vaccinated before we start practices and games in early October as we will be practicing and playing games in arenas across Calgary.  The decision by Vivo has given us time to put processes in place and allow our members to obtain proper documentation for proof of vaccination or letter of exemption.  We do still have evaluations scheduled at NESS which means those groups will still need to provide proof of vaccination or letter of exemption or a negative Covid test to participate.  More information and instructions will be coming soon.

For those who are already vaccinated (1 or 2 does), you can obtain your vaccination card at by entering your Alberta Healthcare Number and month/year of your vaccination.  This much quicker than waiting for the MyHealthRecords App.

For this weekends ice times, we will continue to follow the current guidelines/policies in place at each facility.  It is important that we follow these guidelines/policies such as masking at all time unless on the ice, maintaining physical distancing, limiting attendance to only ONE household member per player, limiting time in the dressing rooms by coming partially dressed.

If your child is 12+ years of age, and they are going to get vaccinated because of this announcement, we would like to remind you that the evaluation process will continue moving forward.  These players will have the option to provide proof of a privately-paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of service (tests from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories not allowed) to participate or decide to sit out any subsequent evaluation sessions during the 14 days incubation period.  In the latter situation, we will treat those players similar to how we treat players who are sick/injured and miss evaluation sessions – they will be placed on a team based on their placement from the previous year alongside players of a similar skill set.  The Evaluation Committee will have final say on any team placements for these players.  If this pertains to your child, please reach out to your respective age groups Division Director to let them know that your child will be missing part or all of our their evaluations.  As of September 20, 2021, players aged 12 and over must have received their first dose of vaccine 14 days prior to their ice time. Ex. if a participant received a vaccine on Sept 12, 2021, they are not permitted to participate until Sept 27, 2021 without proof of negative test.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to any of our Board members.  We are hear to support you and together we will get through this and enjoy the rest of the hockey season.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience.  Stay safe and healthy!


SVHA Board of Directors

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