SVHA 2021 Award Winners

Ron Goosen Award

Ron Goosen was a valued member of Simons Valley Hockey Association. Through his many years as a volunteer, he held many positions and eventually became president in 1996. Coaching was what he loved to do and his dedication to the young players and the Association has been greatly missed. This award is in memory of Ron Goosen who passed away suddenly at a very young age after giving so much to an infant association.

The award was introduced in the 1998/99 season. It goes to the individual who, like Ron, has unselfishly given his or her time year after year for the betterment of Simons Valley Hockey. Past winners include Jim Stone, Brenda Zubick, Sam Ferrise, Doug Panchuk, Dave Wong, Todd Anderson, Dan Nabata, Murray McLeod, Jan Laubman, Dave Clagett, Rick Hogan, Doug Keebler, Glenn Labelle, Darren Way, Dan Lowe, Ed MacKenzie, Rick Prosser, John McMahon, Ken DeMille, Rick Remenda and last year Randy Groenveld

We are very pleased to announce this year’s recipient, Eric Carpendale

Congratulations to Eric, you are an example of the type of volunteer that SVHA needs and is fortunate to have.

Awards of Merit

SVHA would like to continue with recognition awards, known as our Award of Merit, which will be presented to volunteers who are identified as key individuals within our association and who have made a positive impact year after year. Past winners include Rick Hogan, Randy Groenveld, Ted Beswetherick, Stuart Hill, Debra Tallman, Derek Hasegawa, Dan Lowe, Trevor Davies, Len Francis, Keith Hache, Randi Colopano, Leanne/Mike Huxley, Tracy Walchuk, Jodi Beswetherick, Cindy Gibson, Cam Guss, Margo Demerse, Trina Cwik, Dave Mallory, Sherri Tarr, Steve Van Ree, Jeff Kelly, Rachelle Austin, Anthony Bissoon, Margo Demerse, Trevor Devnich, Scott Fukami, Elaine Wong-West, The Young Family (Michelle/Jared), Zach Parks, Dawson Phillips, Brent Lattimer, Lisa McCallum, Gary Yamada, Rebecca Worm, Bridget MacQueen, Shawn Gregson, Steve Van Ree, The Young Family (Faye/Jeremy), Tanya Leukefeld, AJ Borawake and last year Amy Pawson and Wade Bowley.

This year we would like to announce the following 10 people are being presented with the Awards of Merit

Colin Beaman,                  Luca Bilotta,                      Chris Blood,                       Jamie Doud,

Kurt Gordon,                     Corey Lea,                          Leroy McKinnon,              Darcy Riva,

Travis Rotariu                   Frank Ventura

Congratulations to all these individuals, you are all examples of the type of volunteers that SVHA needs and is fortunate to have.


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