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Some recent questions from paresnts have come up in relation to evaluations and the start of the year. The following are some answers to the most common issues.  Please keep the questions coming and we will add them to this page.

Initial Placement

The template for initial placement is neither consistent nor static based purely on the number of players that return in any given age group for any one season. The placement definition is in the Evaluation Guidelines under section 6. The changes to the evaluation process for the 2013-14 evaluations do not put as much weight on the initial placement as previous seasons. Where previous initial placements had a set A group and would therefore limit, by default the number of players that could move, the new evaluation process is intended to move numerous players and create definitive separation in each group with the intention of elevating players through open competition.
Fundraising/Tournament Participation

The current SVHA newsletter provides a breakdown of the costs that are covered by the registration fees of each players. Fundraising is a component that provides additional opportunities for players to participate in tournaments, power skating and development opportunities that may arise. It is important that parents be part of the goals and objectives discussion at the initial team/parents’ meeting so they can contribute to the direction of resources. SVHA as an association does not mandate a minimum or maximum on fundraising, as each team sets its own agenda based on parent/coach discussions as to what it is they are willing to participate in. Fair and equitable opportunities to contribute to the benefit of all members on the team should be included. Where religious or financial considerations exist there should be a reasonable and amicable contribution that is in line with the overall team goals that have been agreed upon by the majority. We would encourage teams to direct their resources to development opportunities rather than apparel for the betterment of players. Parent, coaches and managers have full autonomy of where they want to assign team resources. Guidelines for the maximum number of games and tournaments at any age level are governed by Hockey Calgary. It is important that parents be part of the goals and objectives discussion at the initial team/parents meeting so they can contribute to the direction of the team and decisions that may impact their players’ ability to participate. Parents, coaches and managers determine the opportunities that they want to pursue for their individual team, which may or may not require cash calls or significant fundraising.

Coaches in SVHA are very dedicated volunteers and demonstrate flexibility and understanding of family/religious commitments that may conflict with practices and games. As attendance at practices and games is a key component of allowing each player a fair opportunity to succeed there should be ongoing consistent communication with the manager and coach to provide ample notice of absences for any reason. If absence does occur and a coach feels that in fairness to a player, a key team component was missed, the coach determines if it is necessary for the player to miss a shift to observe or instruct them prior to or during a game. Coaches are instructed and supported in the key teaching components and it is not their responsibility to manage the absences of players nor are they to penalize a player on this basis. Ongoing communication with the coach is the key responsibility of the parent in this respect.
Explanation of Ice scheduling definitions

"Full Ice" - one team has the practice ice
"Half Ice" - when two teams share practice ice
"Shared Ice" - when two teams split the one gets 30 minutes of full ice, then both teams share the ice for 30 minutes, and then team two gets 30 minutes of full ice.

Are Poker Tournaments Illegal?

Yes.  The AGLC only licenses eligible charities to conduct and manage casino events in licensed facilities. The AGLC will not license individual poker tournaments or games to be conducted outside of licensed casino facilities. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, all forms of gambling, including poker, must comply with the specified qualifications set out in the Criminal Code. Any form of gaming that does not comply with the qualifications is illegal. Questions about whether a specific game or scheme is legal under the Criminal Code should be directed to a lawyer.

What communities belong in SVHA?

Simons Valley Hockey Association provides the youth of Country Hills Village, Coventry Hills, Evanston, Sherwood, Hidden Valley, Kincora, Nolan Hill, Panorama Hills, Sage Hill. SVHA operates under Hockey Calgary, which in turn is governed by Hockey Alberta, and finally by Hockey Canada.

How old does my child need to be to play, can I choose what division my child plays in?

No you cannot choose the division your player plays in, the division is determined based on the age of the child on Dec. 31st of the registration year. The following table shows the division and ages.

  • Timbits Flames (5/6 year olds)
  • Novice (7/8 year olds)
  • Atom (9/10 year olds)
  • Pee Wee (11/12 year olds)
  • Bantam (13/14 year olds)
  • Midget (15/16/17 year olds)
  • Junior (18/19/20 year olds)
What are the registration fees ? 
  1. Early Bird: June 15 – July 15
  2. Regular: July 16 – August 15
  3. Late: August 16 – August 31
  • Your payment MUST be received in the Registration Period to qualify for that rate.

2014 - 2015 Hockey Registration Fees

Age Category

Volunteer Deposit

Early Bird

Regular Fee

Late Fee


Timbit (5/6)






Novice (7/8)





Novice  House League (7/8) n/a $500 n/a n/a  

Atom (9/10)





Atom House League 9/10) n/a $500 n/a n/a  

Peewee (11/12)






Bantam (13/14)






Midget (15/16/17)







Can I make multiple payments?

No we don’t allow multiple payments; Payments will be online via MasterCard/Visa or by mailing in a Money Order/Cheque (for early bird registration ONLY). A cheque drop off date at Cardel will be announced shortly.

Is there a cap to how many players ?

SVHA has never capped the number of players that can register, and there is NO “First-Come First-Served” process, no preference is given to when a player registers.   All players are evaluated equally, regardless of when you registered. The advantage of registering early during the “Early Registration Period”, is that you will save $100 per player.

There is limited space in the Novice and Atom House League Programs

 What is included in my registration fees?

Traditional Hockey Program - Included in your fees are:

  • Ice for 6 pre-season evaluations
  • Regular season ice to the end of February, as well as City playoffs, referees for all regular season games, Esso Minor Hockey Week, and Playoffs.
  • Fees paid to Hockey Calgary. This includes player and team insurance.
  • Training and certification courses for coaches, trainers, and other bench personal by Calgary Hockey Development.
  • Use of SVHA home and away game jerseys and team first aid equipment.
  • Conditioning and checking clinics for players before the season and during the season as well.
  • A team and individual picture with a memory mate.
House League Hockey Program - Included in your fees are:
  • A total of 30 ice times throughout the season.  Up to 5 ice times per month.  Ice times to be 75 minutes in length with a 15-20 minute coach run practice using half ice, then remaining time used for a game
  • All games to be played at Cardel Place, with the exception of scheduling conflicts due to prior facility bookings, in which case sufficient time will be given for rescheduled ice time
  • Each player will receive a jersey and matching socks

 My child has never played before, will he/she “fit in” ?

Absolutely !!!! The mission statement of SVHA is to “provide a safe and fun team environment that affords each participant an equal opportunity to develop their hockey skills", and with the evaluation system we try to place players on teams of equivalently skilled players. So we will find a place for your player to play. How are teams chosen? All players are evaluated according to the SVHA Evaluation policy, and placed on teams of equivalently skilled players. 

I want my child to play with his friend?

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate players playing with friends, as the evaluation system is used to place players on teams. Timbits is the only level that we can consider placing players on a team with a friend.

When do players start body checking?

In Calgary minor hockey body checking starts at the Bantam age group.  Hockey Calgary has instituted changes as directed by Hockey Alberta to ban body checking for age groups PeeWee and below. Link:
Simons Valley is reviewing its checking clinics for Bantam aged players.  If you would rather look into a non-contact hockey league, Hockey Calgary also has a recreational hockey league which you can look into by clicking here.

What position will my player play ?

In the Atom and the divisions below, players will be able to experience all the positions. From Peewee and above, players begin to play the same position the majority of the time.

What equipment do I need?

  • CSA Approved Helmet
  • Neck protector
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Hockey Pants
  • Athletic cup
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey socks and garter
  • Skates
  • Stick (Youth for the young players, Junior and Intermediate for middle aged, Senior for oldest)
  • Equipment bag
  • Mouth guard

Where can I buy my hockey equipment?

There are many sporting good stores that you can purchase hockey equipment, here are a few:

  • Tuxedo Source for Sports
  • Canadian Tire
  • SportChek
  • Sport Mart Hockey Experts
  • Second Chance Sports

What are the arenas that SVHA uses?

The majority of the SVHA ice used is currently under contract from Cardel, Crossfield and Carstairs, in addition we pick up additional ice in the north end of town from other communities and Hockey Calgary when available.

Our Cardel ice is Monday to Friday after school only, we do not put kids on the ice before school, from 4:30 to about 10:00 PM -Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Our Crossfield ice is weekend mornings starting at 7:00 AM onwards until the early afternoon. There is the odd ice in the afternoon or evenings on the weekends.

Our Carstairs ice is also weekend mornings starting at 8:00 AM onwards until the early afternoon. We also pick up the odd ice on Saturday/Sunday evenings.

How many times will my player be on the ice and where?

It varies from week to week, but on average you can expect to be on the ice about 5 times every 2 weeks, this includes practices and games. The Timbit program attempts to put the players on the ice twice a week.

Is there a "fixed time" my player will play every week ?
No, you player will not have a fixed day or time that they will play, it will vary from week to week.  SVHA tries to balance out all the early ice times, out of town ice times, across all the teams.

Novice and Atom House Leagues:  

A total of 30 ice times throughout the season with up to 5 times per month.   
Ice times will be scheduled for the entire season, making it easier for parents and players to organize other commitments (Sunday evenings with the odd Saturday)
All games to be played at Cardel Place, with the exception of scheduling conflicts due to prior facility bookings, in which case sufficient time will be given for rescheduled ice time

Who coaches the teams?

Once players are placed on teams, then coaches are chosen from the parents of the team.

Do I have to volunteer?

SVHA requires a volunteer deposit at registration time, it was a $300 commitment bond.  If you volunteer for the association in an approved position your cheque is not cashed, if you do not volunteer when asked, then your cheque is cashed.

SVHA is completely driven by volunteers, and requires the help of many volunteers throughout the year. The association needs volunteers to help make it work (evaluators, Division Coordinators, Picture Day helpers, etc), as well as each team requires volunteers to make it work (ie: Managers, jersey, timekeepers, coaches).

 You have the option of opting out of volunteering, by paying your volunteer fee at registration time. If you do not volunteer during the year, your volunteer commitment cheque will be cashed.

Novice and Atom House League:   Volunteers may be required for the House League, however there will be no $300 commitment bond

Why were the positions eligible toward the Volunteer Commitment amended this season? (NEW)

In short, it takes a lot of work to run the Association and member’s commitment, beyond the team level, continues to decrease each season. The Board of Directors needed to take action to prevent further decline of the Association as a whole.  The intent is not to cash more cheques than ever before; the intent is to ensure we have enough people committing to tasks the Association requires completed to run smoothly and efficiently.  Need more information? Read on!

SVHA is one of the largest Associations in Calgary, 3rd largest in fact. In order to ensure the Association is able to provide the best minor hockey experience and the diverse support the 900+ players ranging in age from 5-17, require, as I am sure you can imagine, there is a lot of work to be done.  In fact the work never stops.

Over the last several seasons fewer and fewer members have chosen to volunteer their time toward the business of running the Association. The Association relies solely on volunteer effort to keep our SVHA community as a whole strong. A review of practises from other Associations was completed and compared to SVHA positions and volunteer commitment amount.  The Board of Directors discussed the findings and further reviewed the volunteer positions. It was determined that to meet the eligibility criteria, to be applied toward the volunteer commitment bond, the positions needed to have a strong impact on representing and/or preserving the Association. It is acknowledged some of these positions in addition to strongly impacting the Association also complement the team.

In addition to the tasks parents do solely for the good of their player’s team the Association needs to be able to rely on the availability of at least 10 hours, contributed by each family. This is roughly 1.5 hours each month of the hockey season. Team managers, coaches and other volunteer commitment positions for the most part require far more than 10 hours of volunteer time throughout the season. In fact in reality the bulk of these positions easily take 10 hours of work before October 31 of the season.

It is unfortunate the Board has had to restrict what is eligible toward the volunteer commitment however it is the Board's responsibility to ensure satisfactory operations to keep registration fees as low as possible for all the members. Last year it was a struggle to provide volunteers for the casino, which provides our Association with necessary funds for programming, again aiding with registration fees. At the 2014 AGM there was approximately 50 people in attendance, including the Board of Directors. The Board positions could not be completely filled on that evening due to a lack of members that had come forward. The Association cannot function without the commitment of the members.

Of course tournaments, team parties and the fundraising required to participate in these activities enhance the individual team’s experience. It is the mandate of each team to decide together, as a team, what the plans are for the season. A pivotal factor in these decisions must be based on what that team’s parent group can and will support and contribute to, to determine the enhancements their child’s individual team will enjoy. Fundraising, tournament coordination and party planning should not be added to the responsibilities of the team manager. The team manager is already doing many duties for the Association and liaising with Hockey Calgary. Your team manager should be commended for taking on such a role!

There are so many reasons to volunteer—not the least of which is to make the minor hockey experience fulfilling for your child and for you. For your family to have the best possible minor hockey experience SVHA needs you;  needs you to help at the individual team level to support and develop your player; needs a few short hours per season to support and develop your Association, who in turn will also support all the players, members and teams!! We know members are busy—for the most part we all are, but we also all know many hands make light work. Come grow with us – help us take Calgary minor hockey by STORM!!

How long is the season?

The season starts in the beginning of September with evaluations and practice. League games are held in November, December, January and February. Esso Minor Hockey Week is held in January (Novice and higher). Playoffs are held in March for the Atom and higher divisions.

Novice and Atom House League: Season will start in late September and end in late February with a Holiday break in the middle

Is my player guaranteed to be placed on a team ?  Is there a cap in registration numbers ?

No there is no cap on the number of players we accept into SVHA registration.  SVHA tries to place every player who wants to play, however there may be circumstances where we cannot place all players.  This occurs when the number of teams and the number of players trying out do not allow us to place every player.

In Peewee and below, SVHA can almost guarantee that all skaters will make teams, except for the goalie position.  We place two goalies per team, and where we may have too many goalies for the number of teams we have, we have no choice but to release the goalies that we don't have room for. In this case, SVHA will release the player for a year, and will work with other associations to get the player placed on a team. If a player is released for this reason, a full refund is issued.  The player is then welcomed back next year to tryout for SVHA.

In Bantam and Midget, there is a possibility that depending upon team sizes, and the number of players trying out, that we cannot place every player on a team, and thus would have to release players.  In this case, SVHA will release the player for a year, and will work with other associations to get the player placed on a team. If a player is released for this reason, a full refund is issued.  The player is then welcomed back next year to tryout for SVHA.

What happens when SVHA has too many goalies, compared to the number of teams ?

It does occur where we have too many goalies for the number of teams we have, and therefore we have no choice but to release a player and help them find a team to play on in Calgary. If a goalie is released for this reason, a full refund is issued.  The player is then welcomed back next year to tryout for SVHA.

 My child has other commitments. Does he/she have to come to all practices and games ?

We fully understand that players have other commitments; however hockey is a team sport and requires your commitment. Players can only develop their skills during practice, therefore it is recommended that you attend as many ice times as possible. You should work closely with your coach to let him know when you will miss a practice or game.

Is there Financial Assistance available?

SVHA does not offer financial assistance, however Hockey Calgary does, please see the Hockey Calgary website for information on the financial assistance programs. Link Flames Assistance Program | Jumpstart

Who can I contact if I have other questions? 

Click Here to send an email to our Director of Registration.


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